A golf course architect

A bouncing ball on a firm ground, the wind, contours, slopes,punchbowl greens, options , uneven lies,deep bunkers…
is how I see a FUN GOLF COURSE !

What is a FUN GOLF SHOT ?

  • A short put with a lot of break
  • A long putt with two or three different slopes
  • A chip that passes the hole and dribbles back to the pin
  • A lob shot to a flag tucked behind a monster bunker
  • A 30 yards shot off the green you could either putt, lob or bump and run
  • A front protected green that can be reach with a low shot using the sides contours
  • Experiencing different lies and weird stance in a sand trap
  • A long carry (« fly..fly .. ») over a hazard or a tree to shortcut the hole


a golf course designer, but above all,
a professionnal golfer

Born in 1973 in Paris, I start playing golf at 13 with my grandmother, in the age of Persimmon wood and metal spikes. I was immediatly hooked.

I filled my school books and any scraps of paper I could find with sketches of golf holes.
By the age of 18 I had a 0 handicap and turned professional at 20.

Following an excellent fourth season, when I ranked 6 on the Challenge tour, I qualified to play the full season on the 1998 European Tour- an amazing experience playing on great courses with golf greats including Bjorn,Cabrera,Van de Velde….and many more.

My carrer in golf design started in 2004 with Golf du Troncq in Normandie , a nine hole private course which gave me my first experience of creating a course specifically tailored to the topography of the land wich proved to be an unforgettable experience wich became my passion second only to playing golf.

important dates

1986 first swing
1992 French amateur champion
1993 Pro first swing

11 wins :
1995 Omnium national
1996 Open de Dijon – Open d’Albi
1998 16th at the french Open – Challenge Tour Grand final (Portugal)
2002 Open de Bretagne
2005 Open de Madagascar
2008 Grand prix PGA France( Médoc)
2009 Allianz tour Final (Barbaroux)
2011 Open de Méribel
2012 Internationaux de France (Lys) – Open de Normandie


Nicolas Joakimides

dedicates himself entirely to his work.  Carrying out the landscaping works himself allows him to be on site full time to supervise the building of the course.


Saidia , Morocco

Opened to play

On the north-est part of Morocco, this 18 holes golf course plays on pure sand and close to the beach. This links course will have a wild look with plenty of bared sand, beach grass, brooms and blow-out bunkers.
It is playable for all with no ball-searching, no lost balls, no water hazard, no rough, very few bunkers (only 34), wide fairways (60 yards) and beach sand everywhere when you miss.
There is plenty of short grass around the greens, no forced carry but also slopes and rolling hills that helps average shots. It is the easiest course in the world to walk ;
The land is flat and ondulated.
Distance between green and next tee is very short.

Ideal course for women : Short to play and walk.I wanted them to be able to reach par 4 and 5 in regulation and have birdie putts .
It’s a walking only policy and it plays fast because of all theses characteristics combined.
Creativity and variety is favored with uneven liess,undulated greens and the everyday gentle breeze.
Elevated greens (5 in total) and punchball greens (6 in total) play a part too.
Strategy also plays an important role with bunkers in the line of play, split fairway (hole 12) and fairways with a much better side for the next shot (holes 3,6,12,15,16 and 18)

Fun course also because the 2nd and third holes are drivable par 4 !!! Then holes 9,11 and 15 are reachable par 5…
I decided to shape it myself so I would be shure about the result.
I did my best to deliver a beautiful, friendly and exciting course, favoring creativity and strategy.

PLAN GOLF SAIDIA golf architect nicolas joakimides

Golf de Navarrrenx ( Aquitaine, France)

Back 9 is open to play. Front 9 opening in 2019

18 holes golf course on a beautiful piece of property with old trees and creeks…
Training center and putting course

Golf du Troncq (Normandie, France)

opened in 2004

It’s a nine holes private course that can be played in reverse order or towards whatever green you want !
It didn’t cost much because we have only 5 greens to build.

Under Contract

Nicolas Joakimides

dedicates himself entirely to his work.  Carrying out the landscaping works himself allows him to be on site full time to supervise the building of the course.

Pau Golf Club 1856

(Aquitaine, France)

A reverse 4 holes Pitch-and-putt will be build behind the driving range for the members, beginners
and the junior golf school. It will be a old school style course with blow-out bunkers, undulated
fairways and greens.

No rough. Only short fescue grass.. .


I realised that designing a golf course is great … but the shaper you work with is very important
too. As designers,we absolutely need someone who have a good knowledge of the game and the
greatest courses on the planet. This is why I decided to shaped all the greens , bunkers and tees myself in Saidia, Morocco !
I would be happy to shape your course !

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Nicolas Joakimides
75000 Paris, France


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